Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday Reflections

Do you ever have those moments where your brain is just smooshy?  That is how mine felt yesterday.  I slept later than usual and I think too hard.  I was sore from head to toe.  But it was nice to sleep a little later.  The ladies and I are still rolling around with James.  Boy to say the struggle is real is an understatement.  Yesterday's lesson was on faith with out works.  And what good is your faith?  The question was asked "How are our individual worlds any better off  because we believe in Jesus?  Do those we encounter in passing, in working, or in playing receive any direct benefit because we are Christians?"  Ouch.  But good questions to ponder none the less. 
So what are we doing with our faith?  Are we hiding it under a bushel?  Is it making a difference in any one's life?  You think about it, where would you be if someone hadn't shared their faith with you? Whether it was in a kind act or a kind word.  We never know the impact we are having on someone.  They don't need a sermon from you.  Maybe they just need to see our faith in action.

I had all the above typed & ready.  But then I saw the date.  Meaning that today's date would be the 13th. To you, today isn't anything but October 13.  To me, it's more. 79 years ago today one of the world's finest men was born.  He was born as the baby of five.  Little did he know what his faith would do to others.  He was a man that was tall in stature, but he was tall in so many other ways too.  His funeral service told that.  The church was packed.  The folks in the choir had to stay there because the sanctuary couldn't seat them.  He lived his faith.  He never knew that as he lived his faith, that on his first birthday with out him I would find out I was pregnant with his fourth grandchild.    He never met him on this earth.  You can call me crazy, but I do believe they met long before God placed that baby in my womb.  That was 21 years ago.  That baby has so many similarities to that man.  I'm thankful for them both.  The man & the child.  I'm thankful that my earthy father let his faith show.  That he did have works.  That he did make a difference to someone.  I believe that if you knew him you would agree with me.

So as we start a new week what will you do with your faith?  Will it make a difference to anyone? 

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