Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion: The Closet!

I said in a recent post I would get brave & show you my closet.  Well today is your lucky/not so lucky day.  I was going through it & straightening it up (maybe because summer is over?) & thought why not?
Be warned!
On any given day during the summer months & later, if you were to stop by the house you will find me in the likes of these.  They are cheap knit shorts.  I will have them paired with a tank top & a sports bra.  Talk about fashion.  And if I have to make a run to the grocery store you will most likely see me in same said outfit.  I will say I try to put on something decent when I have to go out.

I do own some regular shorts.  I think there are maybe six pair here.  I hate them.
I will most often put on a cute skirt with a tank or tee shirt.
My collection of tanks.  Six stacks. 

I'm just almost embarrassed of these.

My side of the closet.  Madness!!! I realize if I would buy matching outfits it would be a bit more organized.  Maybe.  But I'm not a matchy matchy person. Do you remember last spring?  We had to rebuild the closet because one of my shelves fell.. Is it any wonder?  And I got rid of A LOT!!!
There have been times when I have been shopping with friends or family members and they will ask what will you wear that with?  My reply is usually, "I don't know.  I will put it with something." Now you understand why. 
There are purses, scarves, & shoes all in the mix too.  I sometimes walk in there & think this is just wrong.  And believe me when I say I've slowed down in recent years.  D doesn't think so.  But then again when he is with me and I come out of Gap or Marshall's with nothing.....Yea. 
I hope your closet looks so much better & prettier than mine.  I'm sure you can just imagine the madness when I get in there and try to come up with something to wear.  Oh well.  I warned you.  Now you know.  Until next Thursday....

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