Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion: Leggings

I have a feeling this may open a can of worms. Maybe not a big can of worms but a can of worms.  Now this post is just my opinion and that is all. MY OPINION. I've come to the conclusion that leggings are a blessing & a curse.  They are wonderful to wear, but you become addicted.  Have you noticed that there are some who just wear them as pants?  I think there's a big difference in leggings & skinnies.

These are really cute.  I don't have a problem with  the leggings themselves.  I would really wonder what material they are made of.  If they are leggings or skinnies. 
I know the young girls like to wear the shorter tops and if mom is ok with them going out like that then go for it.  However, my daddy would have said put on a longer top. 
So let's imagine that the top is longer.  If the top is longer I think this would work for any age or size.  I would put these with a denim dress or a denim skirt.  Then you could always work a white tee shirt or pull any color from the leggings. 
  I wouldn't change anything about this.  It would work for any age or size.

Leggings done with class.  Again any age or size. 

I think this is so adorable.  It would work for anyone as well.  I, again, would prefer the top to be longer, but if you were comfortable with it,  go for it.

Now this one is totally me.  Notice the length & the converse?  It would work for anyone too. 
Being from the south I guess I have a certain standard for dress.  Maybe it's a southern thing.  Maybe because of the way I was brought up. 
Proverbs 31:25 says "She is clothed with strength and dignity".
Webster's defines dignity like this:"1. worthiness; nobility.  2. high repute; honor. 3. the degree of worth or honor.  4. loftiness of manner; stateliness.  5. calm self-possession and self-respect."  If we, as women, don't respect ourselves, who will? 
If you are a momma you have little eyes looking at you.  Those eyes may only be in the head of a two year old or they may be in the head of a 43 year old.  It doesn't matter.  They are watching.  I know some of the outfits I put together might "embarrass" my boys,  but only because it is the "get up" so to speak.  Not because I'm revealing things that should be hidden.
Now a side note to the young ones reading.  When it comes to the dignity, clothe yourself in it.  Just because it is seen in a magazine or on TV doesn't make it ok.  You may be trying to attract some cute boys attention.  You will get his attention alright.  But is it the kind of attention you really want?  Any boy that is worth chasing & having is worth knowing you for who you are, not what you wear or look like in a certain outfit.  Yea, the boys are looking for eye candy just like we girls did/do. But make it good candy.  Like a good caramel apple.  Something that will last a while.  Not just the pop rocks that melt in your mouth.  Does that make any sense?  Just a thought.  Anyway leggings can be all sorts of fun and there is so much you can mix and match with them. 
Happy Thursday Y'all! 

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