Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion

It seems as though last week's post on fashion was a hit and I'm so glad it was.   So here's a few more ideas. All of these came from my pinterest board.  We will go with the theme of transforming from summer to fall.  (Ugh)  I like fall fashion & all that goes with fall.  All the pretty colors etc.  Aside from that well.... Ok back to the fashion...

I think this jacket would work for all ages & sizes.  I think too, it could be dressed up or casual as it is here. For those who work in an office, it could be paired with a black, red, or brown dress pants or skirts of any length. I think maybe a pencil skirt would be ok.  You would just need to play with your options.   Oh, a cute pair of yellow/mustard skinny jeans would be cute.  I sometimes think that leopard print could serve as a new neutral.  I'm not a fan of a lot of it though.  I wouldn't wear a pair of leopard print shoes of any kind with this.  Less is more type thought here.

 A good denim jacket never hurt anyone.  Again, I think this would work for any age or size.  I'm gonna be 85 one day & I will still sport a denim jacket.  And maybe my converse all stars!  Just saying.  Mind over matter here folks.  You are only as old as you think you are. 

To me this is just basic and simple.  Nothing over the top.  Perfect for cool mornings.  Yet as the afternoon heat rises you can lose the jacket and still be ok.  You could even do a cute pair of sandals, flats as shown or even some ankle booties.  Possibilities are endless. 

This looks adorable.  I fear the only problem I would have would be those blasted jeans.  I'm sure there's not much of a zipper on them. (haha)  This might would be more appropriate for the teenage girl or the under 40 group.  I would definitely try to wear it even though I fall into the over 40 group.   Again the jeans would be my only problem.
Get in your closet and play.  Don't let your age or size stop you.  Mix & match.  I'm finding that now is the time to do that.  Mix the stripes & plaids.  I would just keep with the same color theme.  Unless the colors would compliment each other.  But if this is your first outing & you are uncomfortable then  play it safe.  Stripe & plaid or floral/stripe.  Bottom line is just to have fun with the clothes.  One day I will get brave & post a picture of my closet.  It is a disaster.  I never buy anything to go with anything.  There's never a complete outfit purchased at one time. 
Perfect example of mixing.  I found this yesterday & fell in love with the whole outfit. 
I have to tell y'all, I spent a couple of days at the doc with mom this past week.  On one of the visits I wore a pair of very distressed jeans.  Strings were hanging etc. She wanted to cut one of the strings off & I wouldn't let her.   During that visit she was telling me how hard it was to dress me when I began to speak.  She said as an infant she & my sister dressed me in all the lace & frills that they could.  They even took pictures.  But once I began to talk and had a voice I wouldn't wear it.  I still won't.  She said the simpler it was, the more I liked it.  I did like the long dresses though.  That is when I told her it was a good thing I wasn't a teen during the 70's.  She wouldn't have been able to keep enough bell bottoms in the house. 
 Happy Thursday Y'all!

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