Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion

I hope y'all enjoy this post because let me tell ya, it has been an ordeal to publish.  Computer problems on just about every computer.  Mainly with my pinterest account.  Don't ya just love technology?
Alright Sunday afternoon we had a packing party at church to pack the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Things were laid out and separated for boy/girl.  As I examined my stack of goodies I got a little excited about the girl things.  The best friend was standing next to me & looked at D and said if you ever have a granddaughter, you're in trouble.  She's right.  We will be in trouble & broke.  Now if my future daughter in law ever reads this, she will think "If I ever have a little girl there's no way in the world I will ever let her dress her!"  Go with me here people.
If the good Lord had blessed us with a girl (thankful that He didn't) I would have loved to dress her like this. 

My mother has said she dressed me in all the lace she could before I could talk.  Once I could speak my mind, well, I still don't like lace.

Is that little skirt not just the cutest thing you have seen??? I would learn to sew just so a granddaughter could wear it! 

I just love this little outfit. 

Now I realize there's some lace on this.  But it is so adorable.  Hat & all!

Notice the little converse looking shoes.  Cuteness all over.

And I just had to share this.  One of my dear friends from church sent this one to me on pinterest.  Again so adorable.
The best friend & I laughed about a daughter or granddaughter and how I would dress her.  Friend said, "she'd be barefoot at all times."  At which point I added" unless I had her in some converse."  Friend said "her mouth and face will be dirty". At which point I said "probably so." "With the dirt ring necklace."  But I also added "but come Sunday, she'll be so stinkin' cute no one will be able stand it!"

Now not only would I have tried to dress my little girl something like what's in these images I would have also taught her how to dress herself with dignity and honor. 
However, God has a bigger plan and knew I didn't need a little girl.  He gave us the best two boys.  And I am so thankful.  Now if he wants me to have a granddaughter when the time is right that's ok.  But I will be over the top with boys too. 

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