Thursday, October 30, 2014

To the parents of a Senior

Facebook was full of last "home game" day pictures.  Comments of "last home" game field show.  College acceptance letters.  My heart goes out to you.  If this is your first baby's moment, it's a hard one.  But by the time the 2nd comes along you will be a pro.  However, you realize with the second or last one, you won't walk this way again.  My words to you are this..... It will be ok.  God gave you that child.  He entrusted that child to you.  He entrusted that baby to you years ago to raise them up in the way they should go.  His word also says that they are to leave & cleave.  Not stay & rot.  We have to, (as my mother always said) cut the apron strings.

I know all to well how you feel.  I've been where you are.  I'm there now.  These Seniors hold a special place for me.  As did the class of 2013.  These seniors were in 1st grade when I started to work in the school system.  But before that, they were in Mom's Day Out with my senior.  We had field trips together.  We've been on the ball field together.  The basketball court.  They are good kids.

The thought that got me through the 1st one was this.  Be thankful for the moment.  They are proud to be here.  It is bittersweet for everyone.  But it is their moment.  Remember when you were a Senior?  We knew it all didn't we?  They do too. 

I remember when this Senior started Kindergarten.  He was often asked what I was going to do when he went to school.  His reply was "throw a party".  That Senior just left to go to the "last home" game.

I've said when May rolls around no one will be cheering or shouting Hallelujah louder than me.  I will be honest though, when the band starts to play  I may get a little choked up.  But I will remember this is their moment.  And I will be thankful that God is faithful & He saw us through.

So cry if you must.  It is a big stepping stone.  One they will always remember and so will you.  But it will be ok.  So will they.  And so will you.

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