Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Reflection's

The title of D's message was again, Attitude of Gratitude.  The title of our Sunday School lesson was "Wisdom above, Wisdom below".  The best way for me to sum up my thoughts from yesterday is this...If you have wisdom from above, you will have (should have) an attitude of gratitude.  And, the first thing you will be thankful for is this....That Jesus took the beating & the ridicule.  He died.  He rose.  All for you.  All for me.  And then the list will go on from there. 

Here's another thought.  D encouraged the congregation last week  not shop on Thanksgiving.  When we do, that means someone has missed being with their family.   I've seen/heard commercials advertising that certain stores will be open Thursday at 6:00 pm. or what ever time.  When I've heard them I've thought to myself the things we do for "things" that are important to us.  We make the time to do them.  We make the time to save that dollar.  But when it comes to your relationship with God, your prayer time, your giving back because He has given so much, what do you do?  I know I'm guilty of putting it off.  I will get to it later.  You get the idea.

I may not be back this week.  It is Thanksgiving week.  There's stuff to be done.  Food to cook.  Family to see.  So from this family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.  Enjoy your family.  Enjoy your food.  Enjoy your shopping.  But before you enjoy any of it   Thank God for it!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday ramblings: love & the likes there of

I am having trouble finding the words to begin this post.   So let's see.....

It's been over fifteen years.  That's when this story began.  That's when we moved into this house.  The boys were five and two.  After being here a couple of days the neighbor came with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  We were fast friends.  They were an older couple.  They fast became next door grandparents for the boys. He almost became....well I just don't know how to put it.  He became the next thing I had to an earthly father since mine was gone.  Not long after we moved here, D's dad passed away. He then became the only grandfather figure these boys had.  They enjoyed sitting on their porch and watching the boys play. There was a lot of coffee drank on that porch.  They enjoyed having the boys run in and out of their house just to visit.  As the boys grew, the couple grew older.  Things happened and communication was lost.  And then they moved.

Life has a funny way of changing things for us doesn't it?  Things happen that we don't plan for.  Things we don't like but we have to do.  Back last summer the man stopped to see D.  He traded vehicles.  Communication was found again.  Hind sight is now 20/20.  Isn't that the way life does us?  If we had known then what we know now....

Life has taken it's toll on her.  He has her at home.  He is taking care of her.  I have wondered how and why.  I found out yesterday.  It's called love.  He needed someone to drive him to the hospital for a procedure.  He hated to ask us.  I didn't mind.

On the way there we talked about life.  The boys.  He advised me "for us to live and enjoy life.  NOW.    Because, well, you just never know."   I agreed.  

As I sat and listened to him talk to the nurses, his main concern was to hurry and get done.  He had to get back home to her.  He wasn't worried about the procedure itself.  He was worried about her.  Love.
They have a history.  One in which I don't know all the details.  Just enough.  Just enough to know they adore each other in their own way.  I've seen it.

I left him with a family member.  They were to bring him home.
Once I left though, I couldn't help but ponder the morning conversations.  And then my thoughts shifted to Christ and His love for us.

Paul writes to the husband in Ephesians 5:25 "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her."
I couldn't help but think about how he was in a hurry to get back home to her and I thought about this verse.  I couldn't help but wonder then, being that Christ loved us so much to give Himself up for us, then He must be in a hurry to be reunited with us.  He's gotta be.  Right?

 He called around 6:30 to let me know he was home.  I could tell by the sound of his voice he was happy to be there.  Reunited and he felt good.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday's thoughts on Fashion

Once upon a December birthday, the first to be exact, a little girl got a pair of boots.  That was forty plus years ago.  Her birthday is a few days after Christmas.  Her mama waited until after Christmas to buy the little girl anything for her first birthday.  All the mama could find was a pair of boots.  She never waited until after Christmas again.

Forty plus years later, the girl isn't so little.  But she still has the boots.  Truth be told, it's where it all began. 

Can you tell the little girl wore the boots out?

Now jump to some forty years later.  It isn't December yet, but the mama is still shopping for boots.

 After mom left I was looking at the new boots and thinking about the possibilities and the possible challenges when the thought occurred to me.... These look very similar to my first pair... Did you see the resemblance?

I did the only thing I knew to do.  I immediately started running through the closet of my mind and then to Pinterest.  These are a few options I came up with.

 This would be cute.  But not when it's 17 degrees in the morning with a high of 20 something.

Swap the loafer for the ankle/mid calf boot.  Add some leggings.  Good to go.  (Maybe)

 No doubt a pair of skinny jeans would work tucked into the boot..

This would be perfect too.

Oh the choices.

One thing's for sure, that mama had no idea what she was starting forty plus years ago.  But the little girl is so glad she did.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday Reflections

D's message yesterday was entitled Attitude of gratitude.  Once he gave his text, which was Psalm 145, I couldn't help but think about this song.  I came across it last Thanksgiving season.  In fact, I listened to it as I cooked for the Thanksgiving meals while Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was on .  The song pretty much sums up my reflections for this week.  I hope you enjoy it. 


Friday, November 14, 2014

Happily Ever After

As you know from yesterday's post Christmas decorating is under way here.  I'm a bit tired though.  I've been busy since Tuesday.  It helps that the Hallmark channel is playing non stop Christmas movies and SiriusXM started playing non stop Christmas music.  But this morning my thoughts have been wandering. 

Have you ever noticed that in all the Christmas movies there's a happy ending?  The characters face problems & situations all around Christmas but in the end it all works out?  Have you ever noticed that most of the Christmas music makes you feel good.  Ok, well except for those that make you feel sad...

I also got to thinking as I scrolled through facebook  & twitter that some people have a way with words. 
Some have a way of just letting their words fall like a small whisper full of grace and others (like myself) are just like bulls in a china shop.  No shortage on volume & no tact.  It got me to thinking.

I wish I could be more like those folks who are like a whisper yet they are heard.  But obviously that's not the way God wanted me to be.  And for the most part, I"m ok with it. 
And I bet, you, like me, wish your life could be like a Hallmark Christmas movie.  A life where yea there may be some issues around Christmas but there is always a happy ending.  That's my point here.  Have you ever stopped to think that you do have a happy ending?  I always get so caught up in all the stuff.  My focus is on the stuff.  The issues.  The things I can't change because I have no control over them.  Yet I know because of my faith in Christ Jesus I have a happy ending.  Always!!!

So there's my rambling thoughts for today with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion (sort of)

I've had few words or thoughts for this week.  (Rare I know, but no need to call a medic) I haven't been short on either, it's just the public probably didn't care to see, read, or hear them. 

Monday started off just really, really weird.  It was almost like a helter/skelter Monday.  But by mid morning things had settled down.  I spent the day with my mother.  Shopping!!  I think it was a much needed day for us.  We were able to do it and it not involve a doctor's appointment.  The weather was beautiful.  The last day of bliss so to speak.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or her.  I know I was tired when I got home.

Since then, my mind has been a whirl wind.  So has the house.  Let's just say Operation Christmas decorating has begun. 
There are stacks and piles like this through out the house.  I can't stand it.

This mantle is complete.   I've never gone to the trouble of doing this much on the mantle.  But I found the piece hanging on the wall Monday & knew instantly I would be working on this mantle.  Needless to say, I'm in love.

For some reason I got the urge to hunt down some vintage ornaments.  I just so happened to see a picture on facebook so my sister in law checked it out for me.  I'm so glad she did.  I made a bee line as quick as I could to get them.

And I'm so in love with my little vintage table.   (yes that's my yard sale radio!)  I know!  Adorable right??? Yes, those are old, old, old, salt & pepper shakers too.  There's a story behind those.  That's a post in itself.

Anyway as you can see I've been a bit busy.  I haven't given much thought to fashion at all.  Just how to dress the house for Christmas.  I guess that's a good thing being that there's been this polar vortex and all.  I promise I'm going to try my best to keep my attitude in check.  (at least til Christmas & then??)

Silas & I may just have to do a lot of napping until Spring.  Speaking of Silas, he was groomed yesterday.  The first grooming since we got in trouble.  I'm happy to report that Ms. Cheryl was happy with us.  We've been brushing just about daily since that day.

I will add my two cents about decorating before Thanksgiving.  Obviously I'm not against it.  I celebrate Thanksgiving like everyone else.  I cook & eat & cook & eat.  In my defense though, Christmas is the only Holiday I decorate for.  There hasn't been a pumpkin one in the house and I don't even own a turkey. Real or fake.  You know, Christmas is the best Holiday to celebrate.  It is after all the time we set aside to celebrate the birth of our King.  Our Redeemer.  I will also tell you that unless Christmas day changes like a lot has in my world, all of this stuff will be coming down Christmas afternoon.  If not then, for sure the 26th. 

Sorry there wasn't any fashion.  But honestly it's just been yoga pants & sweats all week.  I may even have to break out some of D's long john's.  I'm just not made for this!!!!
Until next time, enjoy the "polar vortex" whatever! 

Friday, November 7, 2014


Oh the joys of fall.  In case you didn't notice, the time changed at 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning.  It has just about killed me.  For many reasons.  I've been on the edge of just digging a hole & crawling in it until Spring.  But then I think "no, I can't do that.  There's life to live.  Clothes to wash.  Food to cook.  Thanksgiving & Christmas."  So I've decided I will wait until January 2 to dig my hole.

Anyway besides that, I've cooked.  Seems like a lot!  Especially if you don't really like to cook.  Well, it's not that I don't like to cook.  It's just a lot of trouble.  But since I'm here quite a bit now I don't mind it as much.

 I've been married for nearly twenty five years and I didn't have a dutch oven.  Well, I do now and I've used that sucker a lot in two weeks. I'm not to the point to ask it "where've you been my whole life?"  But we are getting close.  On this day, there was potato soup cooking in it.   I mean what else are you suppose to cook when the time changes?  That signifies soup to me.

I mixed this stuff up for the preacher.  It's the Pioneer Woman's recipe for Pico Del Gallo.  Don't ask me if it's good.  I don't know.  I won't eat it, but the preacher does so I made two batches this week. 

One of the dumbest things I've done was this.  I put this bad boy in the microwave for eight seconds.  Took a bite and was instantly carried back to my mother's kitchen not long after they got the first microwave.  (mid 80's)  She would buy the frozen doughnuts that were in a package.  You would put them in the microwave for just a few seconds and then you were instantly in doughnut heaven (or so I thought)  When you place a Krispy Kreme doughnut in the microwave for eight seconds, yea.  Back to a 1980 something kitchen. 

Now don't you go to judging me on these next pictures.....
I've been listening to a little Christmas music as I cut up onions, cilantro & jalapenos and all the other cooking I've been doing.    I know that SiriusXM will start playing non stop music this Tuesday and Hallmark has been playing movies all week so why not??

Well, there's this too.  It was on the rack in the cooler at the store.  And I obviously think if it's there then I must buy.  Right?  I will also say that I have wrapped a few gifts.  Not because I'm putting them under the tree yet.  Not at all.  The tree(s) are still in the attic.  I just needed to get them out of my way. 

I'm not rushing the month of November at all.  Really in all seriousness I'm not.  I love the Thanksgiving day festivities as much as anyone.  I will be in the kitchen cooking and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be on all the while D & the boys will be working on the Christmas lights outside.  But I will say I am looking forward to December 1 because of this book.  I got it last year and it changed my whole attitude toward Christmas.  So I'm excited to start again on December 1 just to see what the Lord will reveal to me this year.  It will now be as much of a tradition as putting up the trees, buying the boiled custard, listening to the Christmas music and all the shopping that goes on.
So there's another reason why I won't be digging a hole just yet. 
Hope you all have a happy weekend.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion

 This post is for some of my ladies at church, my mother in law & those of you who have sent me messages.  Some of you have said that you can't wear certain things because of your age.  I disagree.  I posted this first image on my "my style" pinterest board just because of the mix of patterns.  The length of the dress is perfect.  And see, she has on leggings.  So don't say you can't wear them.  Yes you can.  I have no idea how old this lady is, but I found a website that has several of the images that I am sharing today.  I have no idea what they were talking about on this web site because it is in a foreign language.  I just know I like the style of this "young" lady.

 This next image is on the same order.  I think any woman of any age could wear any of these outfits.  The tops/dresses are long enough, yet very stylish.

 I just love this one.  There's simplicity & ruffles with white jeans/capri's.

I pinned this next image too.  Just because it's classic.  If you aren't comfortable with the heels, flats would work. 

This one is a favorite too.  Notice the mix of patterns?  Now honestly, I could live with out the pin.  But if you like it, go for it!  It is a statement piece for sure. 

 I just thought this was a fun picture.  It reminded me of so many of the women I know.  They love life and are happy living it.  If you aren't comfortable wearing the white (after labor day) you could pair this with brown or black. Or you could pair it with jeans.  Notice the cute shoes!!!

The length on this is perfect also.  Notice the leggings.  I think when some women hear the word leggings, they immediately think they can't wear them.   I encourage you to try.

Honestly, it's all about how comfortable you are.  If you are comfortable & feel pretty, it shows.  I think all of the images I've shared today would work for all ages.  But like I said, I've had some comments from the wisest of ladies to post something for them.  I hope you've enjoyed it.  I know I sure enjoyed searching for you. 

So, for you younger generation that is reading this, why not compliment our mentors?  They have encouraged us on more than one occasion, why not return the favor? 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday Reflections

As I was trying to shut my tired brain and body down last night I thought, "I really have no reflections".  I thought wrong.  Nicole C. Mullen has a song entitled  "Press".  Some may refer to it as "One Touch".  Either way, if you have never heard it I encourage you to pull YouTube and listen to it.  The best friend sang it yesterday.  But before she did she made the comment that every one has a need that they need touched.  This particular song is about the woman who had the issue of blood.  She had enough faith in Jesus to know that if she could just touch the hem of His garment she would be made whole.

Again as I was trying to shut my body down I thought of this woman.  Her effort.  Her need.  I also thought of the woman who anointed Jesus' feet with her tears.  She broke her alabaster box and anointed Him.  But before she could anoint Him, she had to go through some "stuff".  Some people.  And once she got to Him, she was criticized for her actions. 

If you are like me, you sometimes (always) want the easy way out.  We don't really want to go to a lot of trouble or go through some "stuff" to get what we need.  We want what we want, when we want it.
Both of these ladies had a need.  They both knew they needed Jesus and it didn't make them any difference what they had to do or who they had to go through to get to Him.  They just needed to get to Him.

What about you?  What are you willing to do to get to Jesus?