Friday, November 14, 2014

Happily Ever After

As you know from yesterday's post Christmas decorating is under way here.  I'm a bit tired though.  I've been busy since Tuesday.  It helps that the Hallmark channel is playing non stop Christmas movies and SiriusXM started playing non stop Christmas music.  But this morning my thoughts have been wandering. 

Have you ever noticed that in all the Christmas movies there's a happy ending?  The characters face problems & situations all around Christmas but in the end it all works out?  Have you ever noticed that most of the Christmas music makes you feel good.  Ok, well except for those that make you feel sad...

I also got to thinking as I scrolled through facebook  & twitter that some people have a way with words. 
Some have a way of just letting their words fall like a small whisper full of grace and others (like myself) are just like bulls in a china shop.  No shortage on volume & no tact.  It got me to thinking.

I wish I could be more like those folks who are like a whisper yet they are heard.  But obviously that's not the way God wanted me to be.  And for the most part, I"m ok with it. 
And I bet, you, like me, wish your life could be like a Hallmark Christmas movie.  A life where yea there may be some issues around Christmas but there is always a happy ending.  That's my point here.  Have you ever stopped to think that you do have a happy ending?  I always get so caught up in all the stuff.  My focus is on the stuff.  The issues.  The things I can't change because I have no control over them.  Yet I know because of my faith in Christ Jesus I have a happy ending.  Always!!!

So there's my rambling thoughts for today with a cup of hot chocolate. 

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