Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion

 This post is for some of my ladies at church, my mother in law & those of you who have sent me messages.  Some of you have said that you can't wear certain things because of your age.  I disagree.  I posted this first image on my "my style" pinterest board just because of the mix of patterns.  The length of the dress is perfect.  And see, she has on leggings.  So don't say you can't wear them.  Yes you can.  I have no idea how old this lady is, but I found a website that has several of the images that I am sharing today.  I have no idea what they were talking about on this web site because it is in a foreign language.  I just know I like the style of this "young" lady.

 This next image is on the same order.  I think any woman of any age could wear any of these outfits.  The tops/dresses are long enough, yet very stylish.

 I just love this one.  There's simplicity & ruffles with white jeans/capri's.

I pinned this next image too.  Just because it's classic.  If you aren't comfortable with the heels, flats would work. 

This one is a favorite too.  Notice the mix of patterns?  Now honestly, I could live with out the pin.  But if you like it, go for it!  It is a statement piece for sure. 

 I just thought this was a fun picture.  It reminded me of so many of the women I know.  They love life and are happy living it.  If you aren't comfortable wearing the white (after labor day) you could pair this with brown or black. Or you could pair it with jeans.  Notice the cute shoes!!!

The length on this is perfect also.  Notice the leggings.  I think when some women hear the word leggings, they immediately think they can't wear them.   I encourage you to try.

Honestly, it's all about how comfortable you are.  If you are comfortable & feel pretty, it shows.  I think all of the images I've shared today would work for all ages.  But like I said, I've had some comments from the wisest of ladies to post something for them.  I hope you've enjoyed it.  I know I sure enjoyed searching for you. 

So, for you younger generation that is reading this, why not compliment our mentors?  They have encouraged us on more than one occasion, why not return the favor? 

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