Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday's thoughts on Fashion

Once upon a December birthday, the first to be exact, a little girl got a pair of boots.  That was forty plus years ago.  Her birthday is a few days after Christmas.  Her mama waited until after Christmas to buy the little girl anything for her first birthday.  All the mama could find was a pair of boots.  She never waited until after Christmas again.

Forty plus years later, the girl isn't so little.  But she still has the boots.  Truth be told, it's where it all began. 

Can you tell the little girl wore the boots out?

Now jump to some forty years later.  It isn't December yet, but the mama is still shopping for boots.

 After mom left I was looking at the new boots and thinking about the possibilities and the possible challenges when the thought occurred to me.... These look very similar to my first pair... Did you see the resemblance?

I did the only thing I knew to do.  I immediately started running through the closet of my mind and then to Pinterest.  These are a few options I came up with.

 This would be cute.  But not when it's 17 degrees in the morning with a high of 20 something.

Swap the loafer for the ankle/mid calf boot.  Add some leggings.  Good to go.  (Maybe)

 No doubt a pair of skinny jeans would work tucked into the boot..

This would be perfect too.

Oh the choices.

One thing's for sure, that mama had no idea what she was starting forty plus years ago.  But the little girl is so glad she did.

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