Friday, December 12, 2014

A Friday rambling

If you are not a dog lover then this post will stress you out.
This mess sleeps in the room with us every night.  Some nights he sleeps at the foot of the bed, other nights he sleeps in the floor.  He usually never comes to the head of the unless he wants down. 
There are times when he does venture up but I send him back down or to the floor.  I can't stand for him to be on my pillow.  But this morning before the alarm went off, he crept up to my pillow.  And I let him stay.  I knew it was time to get up.  But just for a few minutes I let my mind wander.  (I've been in a blog fog this week.)  I just couldn't help but think how our Father must feel when we do this.  You know we just linger near by but never really close enough.   Yes we say we sit at His feet and maybe we do.  But what about when we get right up there so close to His heart.  Right up there under His wing.  When Silas crept up and collapsed next to my back, it was kind of comforting.  For him & me.  We both dosed back off.  But before I did I had that thought.  How does it make my Father feel when I do this.  When I climb back in His lap, under His wing, close to His heart.  I have to believe He is as delighted as I was comforted this morning.  Made me think that maybe I shouldn't just linger or hang out so much.  Maybe I should get a bit more comfortable. After all, there is rest there. 

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