Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good bye 2014...Hello 2015 What will your word be?

Well there's been a lot of activity to take place since my last post.  We celebrated big.  We ate all manner of good food and coconut cake.  We've opened gifts.  We gave gifts.  And I turned, uh um...another year older.

And here we are at the end of 2014 waiting on 2015  to begin. With that in mind, I wonder if you have a word for 2015.  We have all heard of New Year's resolutions right?  Have you ever thought of giving the new year a word?  I hadn't either until a few years ago.  In fact I think the first year I had a word was 2011.  My word was" Praise".  There was another year that the word was "Joy". 

Honestly, up until yesterday,  I hadn't given too much thought to it.  I came across a blog and she was talking about her word.  Let me say that the years that I have chosen a word, I thought it was a decision that I made and a decision/choice I had to make through out the year.  I would choose to praise.  I would choose joy over anything else.  But in the post I read yesterday she pointed out her theory.  That it isn't so much about your commitment as much as it is God's.  She also said that she had looked back over her words and the years that she chose them and she could see how God had used those words in her year. 

It's just an idea that I thought I would throw out there to you.  I have my word.  It is "Happy".  Now let me just explain.  I am not unhappy.  In fact I am in love with life. Everyone is happy & healthy.  We have a roof over our head & a place to sleep.  As I said I turned another year older.  And if you are like me there are just certain things about yourself that you don't really like.  We have a hard time seeing ourselves as "fearfully & wonderfully made".  Well, if you are like me you see the fearfully as "what in the world???"....where God sees the wonderfully.  I have found myself asking at what point do we as women accept the way we look?  At what point do we accept the aging process and all the changes that go with it?  I'm sure men may have "some" of these thoughts too but we just won't go there. 

For a few weeks now a prayer that has been on my lips is this: "Let my happiness be found in you".  We place so much emphasis on things making us happy.  A new purse.  Shoes.  Food.  Prettying up the house.  If I just had... If I just looked.... but how often to we just want what God has to offer?  To accept things just the way they are.  The old saying is contentment is wanting what you have, not having what you want.  I'm not saying I want more.  I'm not saying I am unhappy or that I want to be happy.  I just want all my happiness to be found in Him & to be happy in all circumstances. 

I know of two changes that 2015 will hold for this bunch.  I'm happy for those who will be involved in the changes.  And, honestly, I'm happy to see what those changes will hold for us.  I also know that 2015 will bring some unexpected challenges & changes.  Whatever they are I want to be happy in them and about them. 

With all that said, what will your word be? 
I also want to wish you and yours a very "happy" new year.  I pray that God will show his favor and blessings on all that 2015 may hold for you. 

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