Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday Reflections

We made it through the Sunday School hour just fine yesterday.  We were in the sanctuary and just about ready to start our service and the lights went out.  They came back on.  They blink.  They went out and stay out.  We had one song, the offering, and then the preacher got up and began to preach in the dark.  In this modern world that we live in now, the choir sang & I played the piano by the light on a cell phone.  The doors to the sanctuary were opened and enough light came through.

I couldn't help but think as we sat there in the semi darkness that it would have been really easy to just call off the service.  And that is exactly what satan would have had us do.  But even in the semi darkness, God was there.

As I pondered this throughout the afternoon I thought about Christmas.  I don't know if Christ was really born on December 25.  And really, it doesn't make me any difference.  The fact is, He was born.  And regardless of the date,  the circumstances that He was born in remain the same.  It was a dark world.

For a long time I wanted my Christmas' to be  like a Norman Rockwell painting or the movies you would watch on TV. You know the one's where everyone was gathered and always got the exact thing that they wanted.  They sang all the carols and everyone was happy.  And honestly I never had a bad Christmas.  But I'm willing to bet there is someone reading this that can't say that.  Or there is someone reading this that knows someone that can't say that.

We all want our Christmas to be tied up in pretty packages.  We want what is in the package to be the perfect gift.  We stress ourselves to the point that we can't even enjoy it.  And with the stress and all the "wants" we may have, we put ourselves into a dark place. When truth of the matter is this...Christ didn't enter this world in a pretty package.  There was no heat in the room.  In fact there wasn't a room.  Just a "barn".  In a dark world.  But God was there in the dark.  Mary and Joseph made the best of a dark situation.  Talk about stressed.  I would have been panicked.  But they knew their Jesus was coming to bring light to the darkness.  And that's exactly what He did.  He brought light.

So if you are in the midst of some darkness right now whether it be because of Christmas stress, health, fiances, relationship issues, know this, Christ is in the darkness.  He always has been.  He's there to bring you light.  We just have to put forth the effort to see it.

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