Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm on the lookout for that word!

Remember way back on December 31 I had the post about the one word for 2015?  Remember what my word was?  HAPPY.  I talked about how a blogger had commented on how God has used her one word.  It wasn't something she was deliberate about.  But He was.  Well we are approaching the halfway mark of January and I can't tell you how many times I've seen this word.  And every time I see it, I'm reminded to be just that.  Some time during that first week of January we were in Lowe's and the song Happy was playing.  You know the one by Pharell Williams?  I had it on my mind to change my ring tone to that, but just hadn't gotten around to it.  But I kept hearing that song so I finally did.  And there have been several more instances where the word has come up.  But today...Mom had a doc appointment.  As she said we take the lemons and make lemonade.   As we were walking out of the store I spotted this.

It caught my attention to say the least.  I debated a while.  Wondered what I could wear with it.  I even told mom I could hear the comments now.  Something along the lines of a jailbreak.  It was the letters across the top that attracted me.  A reminder.  I talked myself into getting it.  Without trying it on.  Sad to say it will have to go back to the store. I can't do horizontal stripes well and this made me look & feel like the assumed comments. (ha!)  So I'm wondering, did you choose a word?  If so, how often are you seeing it?  Feeling it?  Doing it?  Again though, it isn't so much as what you do, as it is what He does.  That word will come up more than you think it will.  Maybe you haven't seen much or felt much of you word yet.  Let me ask this, how committed were you when you chose your word?  Be on the lookout!!!

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