Monday, January 5, 2015

Sunday Reflections

Well Merle, we made it through December!! 
Now the hard part is getting back in to the routine.  Yuck!  I've thought about Elvis' song, "Why can't everyday be like Christmas?", but then again, Christmas day actually wears me out.  Today one will go back to school, which will allow Silas & myself to find our routine again.  

While the future daughter in law & I were shopping, I came across this little journal.  (my theory in Christmas shopping is this...One for me, one for you.  It works quite well.)  Days have gone by.  I've carried this little book all over the house when doing my devotionals or reading.  I had thought I would jot some thoughts down but I would open the pages and there was nothing.  I just kept thinking that the pages are just too cute/pretty to mess up.
 As the end to 2014 drew nearer and my thoughts got a little more centered (it's ok if you want to laugh), it all began to become clear.  My word for 2015 and what I needed this journal for.  Honestly, I can't really put into words how I am going to use this journal other than I'm going to let God guide and write.  I've always had a journal of sorts.  Mainly to just help me focus on my prayer time.  To keep me from getting so distracted.  I'm not good at sitting still.   Anyway, as I scrolled through instagram Saturday a friend of mine had a quote on there. "Why try so hard to fit in when you were called to be set apart."  Now let me back you up to December 31, there was a line in the "Jesus Calling" devotional that said we were set apart for sacred use.   Yesterday D's message was centered around letting our light shine in this new year.  Now look at the quote on this journal....

Get the idea??? I do.  I may be in my own little corner, doing my own little thing. I've been set apart for sacred use. I wasn't made to fit in. Neither were you.  I do have a little light & so do you.   Even if God is the only one to see my little light, I'm gonna do my best to let it shine for Him.  And I have a feeling that in doing that, I will be "Happy".
Happy Monday y'all!

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