Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beauty from ashes or snow/ice

It's been over a week now.  This white stuff, well, it's been in this spot for over a week. 
I'm on the verge of packing a bag and heading south.  Far south.  I am in desperate need of warmth and sunshine.  As many of you are. 
However, as I walked past the front door yesterday these buttercups caught my attention.  That's when it happened.  I heard that still small voice.  I felt that small nudge.  Thoughts started to move and I immediately thought of the scripture of beauty instead of ashes.  Isaiah 61:3 "he will give a crown of beauty for ashes."  I know this verse is talking to the children of Israel, but to me it applies to so much.  The subtitle in the NLT is "Good news for the oppressed".  I know, for the most part, we aren't "oppressed" because of this snow/ice mix.  (Well, maybe a little.)  But just as the buttercups can still push their way through the cold mess on top of them, we too, can press our way on through.  There are many a messes around us.  Maybe it's family messes, maybe it's financial messes, maybe it's a work related mess.  Maybe it's emotional, physical, or whatever mess you think you are in,  God can trade that mess, those ashes, for beauty.  Let me rephrase that, it's not that He can, He WIll.
Just like waiting for this white stuff to melt, it takes time.  We run out of patience and want to fix it ourselves.  We can't.  He will.  So, until then, we just have to hang in & press on.  One of these days, the sun will shine again and it will be warm.  Those green stalks will have beautiful, colorful blooms on them. I can almost see them now, swaying with the breeze and giving praise to the Lord for seeing them through.  So once you have your beauty will you do as the buttercup?  Will you sway with the breeze and praise?  Or will you complain because it's just to hot? I know what I'm gonna do!!!

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