Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Between the Rains

This may be a long post.  So head's up.  You may either want to close this out or buckle up.  I've been away for a while now.  Mainly because, well, just because.  When I took the leap of faith last July, I wondered if the blog was where I was heading.  In between the business and blog?  Was that where God was leading?  I done some research.  Gathered information.  Got myself prepared to dig into this.  But something just didn't settle.  Still hasn't.  There's a lot more than usual going on in this head & heart of mine.  And honestly, it isn't anything you care to know about.  So we will leave it at that. 

I will say that not a lot has happened on then home front since Christmas.  I've just made it through.  I'm glad that we will bid farewell to winter in a couple of days.  But as we bid farewell to winter, we say hello to eighteen.  It's my understanding, that as I type, there is a cap & gown along with a diploma cover and invitations waiting with our name on it.  It's all about to get real.  And I mean it's gonna get real, real fast.  I could swear it was just yesterday that I had the appointment and his daddy was setting out a "Bradford Pear".  Now here we are. 

There's other things that are getting real too.  Chances are, the other will be moving out really soon.  And in the distance I hear something that sounds like wedding bells.  That or could it be Dean Martin singing "Ain't that a kick in the head"?  Either way.... Life is changing & rearranging.  Literally.

Which brings me to this.... The title of our lesson Sunday was "Between the Rains".  It was a session from James Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore.  Basically it was this...We've all wondered why we can't stay on  those mountain tops with God.  Those moments when we feel His presence ever so close and we don't want them to end.  But somewhere along the way, something happens and we wonder where He went and what to do to get Him back.  She made this statement that struck a chord with me.."He doesn't leave.  He just goes underground.  A seed can't grow if it's flooded."  Makes perfect sense.  The question that hung over the lesson was what to do in between those rains.  The "rains" of His presence.  Those times when we struggle with situations and circumstances and want to feel Him near but it seems He must be basking in the sun on the beaches of the Bahamas.  We just have to go through them and look for the beauty.  We have to go through a drought.  It is in those times of drought that we put to test what we learned on the mountain top.  Now I'm not saying that I am in a drought.  But I am climbing back to the mountain top.  I am sitting between the rains.  I am, as Elijah, looking for a cloud the size of a fist.  I am looking and expecting a rain. 

I have no idea where God is leading me.  I quit a job thinking I may know, only to find out I have no idea.  I just know He will reveal it when the time is right.  And maybe it is just to do what I'm doing.  Being here for my family.  All here.  Being all here for Him.  Being all present  during the watching and waiting.  I've said all along I would never post anything unless I felt the nudge from Him.  And that's exactly what I've done.  There have still been those moments when I have, no doubt, felt Him & heard Him speak.  But they weren't for the public. 

The other thing that stuck with me was this & I hope you can write it down and know it too, "As sure as the sun comes up tomorrow, my God is faithful."  Lord is that not a promise?  We just have to keep on keeping on.  Looking for the cloud & know that our rain is coming. 

So just know, I'm here.  I'm just in between rains. 

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