Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So are you waiting???

Once upon an Easter afternoon while everyone else was having lunch with their family or taking the "Easter 2015" family picture we took a road trip.  

We were celebrating being married for 25 years!  We headed south for a few days.  I was stingy with my day.  No, let me rephrase that, I was stingy with this trip.  I will say I loved every minute of it, and I should have bought the tee shirt that said, "There are just some days I wish would never end."  I said that about every day. 
I've pondered today. I've thought back to a week ago.  I woke up last Wednesday to heavy fog.  As I stood on the balcony, I could hardly see my hand in front of my face.  But as the hour passed so did the fog.  We headed down to enjoy some sun.  Instead once we got settled, we got this:
 No sun.  Just a lot of fog.  It would move in & move out.

 And honestly, I wasn't too happy about it.  I've said it doesn't matter to me what the weather is as long as I'm there.  For the most part that's the truth.  But on this day I was really wanting some sun.

So as I waited Psalm 40:1 came to my mind.  "I waited patiently for the Lord" kept running through my mind.  Now, if you know me, patience isn't one of my best virtues. At All!  But I waited.  I felt myself growing a bit antsy though.  I even asked D where the sun was & when it was going to burn the fog & shine through.  Like he would know!!! But then...

 It did.  In all her glory.  It was bright.  It was warm.  It was sunny.  It was perfect.  

It was a perfect end to a perfect get away.  
But since returning home that scripture has run through my head every single day!  I've felt the peace that passes all understanding, I've heard that still small voice.  To just wait.  I've even heard Him say stop talking to me & let me speak.  
So here's the deal.  I see so many that are hurting.  So many that are dealing with things beyond their control.  And so many of us, (myself included) want to rush past everything that isn't on our agenda.  We don't want to wait it out.  We don't want to be still.  
Honestly, I had the thought a couple of times while waiting for the fog to lift to just say forget it.  Let's go shop or something.  If I had given in,  I would have missed out.  
So whatever you are in, don't rush it.  So what if it's uncomfortable.  So what if it's inconvenient.  God has something in it for you.  Just hang on & wait it out.  
As I finished typing this out the thought occurs to me that there was a post not long ago about waiting.  
So now I'm thinking that there's a message here for somebody.  Me.  You.  Both of us?  I don't know.  So let's just both give in to the wait & wait the thing, whatever it is, out.