Thursday, July 16, 2015

What I know for sure

There comes a point is one's life when you just need to slow down.  Even stop.  And that is exactly what we've done these past six weeks.  We didn't completely stop, but we have been doing a slow crawl.  (or so it seems)  In less than a month now, the oldest and his new bride won't even be married a full twenty four hours.  I expect the house to be a little quieter & the grocery bill & electric to decrease some. 

During these past six weeks several things have happened in our nation.  Debates have risen to the point that I just can't hardly stand to scroll all the social media news feeds.  And during these past six weeks God has been doing a work in me.  Maybe not a big work, but a work.  He's been adjusting my attitude toward some things.  Some things, though, I'm trying hard to hold on to.  Which probably isn't good.  Maybe that is where the struggle is.   What can I say, I'm a work in progress. 

The preacher, the dog, & I have taken a quick road trip this week.  We headed south on Monday.  It was more business than it was rest & relaxing.  At this point in the game who has time to relax?  The whole trip was off just about from the beginning.  But none the less, we went.  We stayed in a completely different place this time & the whole time I was trying to find a place, D was telling me he didn't think I would like this area.  It wasn't on the beach.  My mother recently made a statement & I quoted her to him, "I can tolerate just about anything for a little while."  That's what I did.  I tolerated it. 

I finally got my feet in the sand Wednesday morning.  Now, let me stop here & interject that these days, I am an emotional walking time bomb.  (or so it seems to me) As soon as I got a glimpse of that sight, I could hardly contain myself.  That place holds something special for me.  It's a place where these boys spent at least seven weeks of their lives.  They may have been miserable doing it, but there are seven weeks of memories there.  There's been some stress relief on that sand & in that water.  There's been some worship in that sand.  There's just something about that sand, water & the breeze.  It just seems to take whatever life has thrown and make it disappear.  If only for a few minutes.  That's what it does.

So during these last six weeks I've come to know a couple of things for sure.  One is this.  I need worship.  I mean a good, deep down time of worship.  One that will last a little longer than the Sunday morning worship hour.  I need to stay at His feet a little longer than I have been.  And as for all the mess & the debates that are lingering out there... Bishop T. D. Jakes said it best..."God is still on His throne."  He is still in control of all this.  I also agree with what Beth Moore tweeted today..."holding onto the Scriptures-knowing them/loving them-will be the way we survive with our belief system intact here."  We as Christians will have to dig deeper than we ever have, search harder than we've ever searched & believe with a bigger faith than we ever have.  God is gonna get His glory.