Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August you confirmed it today.... I don't like you

I've debated it since the first day.  I will admit you have given me several important people.  People I love.  And now you add another anniversary to your list too.  But I just gotta tell you, I don't like you.  You have always brought change and we know how I am with change.  I don't like it much.  This year though, this year you have outdone yourself.  
You know, you always signified the end of summer.  You would roll around and we all had to head back to school and work.  Until this year.   While everyone else headed off to work, I was headed in a different direction.  I was sitting on the edge or out in a field chasing butterflies.  I was sitting on the edge because I knew on any given day, the oldest would come in from work for the last time.  He would come in and they would proceed to move his furniture and clothes out.  But while I waited on that day, I busied myself with whatever knowing all the changes were coming.  You see, when he came in to move his stuff that meant that the youngest was one day closer to moving upstairs.  Something he has said for a while he was going to do.  I wasn't even going to attempt that until after the wedding.  With the wedding over and the kids on the honeymoon, last Monday came & I headed upstairs.  By the end of the week, the room upstairs was done and the youngest was there.  That meant the room downstairs was in total disarray.  I worked on it over the weekend and they came yesterday to put the carpet down in there.  To sum up the last week, I've painted a total of four rooms.  Two bedrooms & two bathrooms.  I was making it just fine with all the changes going on around here. 
Until today.
Yesterday D came in to say he thought we would have the driveway blacktopped. Not a big deal.  It needs it.  It's bee several years since it's been done.  Can't park or drive on it for 24 hours after it's done.  I can live with that. 
Morning rolled around today just like any other morning. 
These men pulled up in the driveway to start the preparations for the blacktop.  They were done and it was time for Silas & I to head to the mailbox.  It's a trip we make daily.  But, when I raised the garage door, something was missing.

You may not notice it, but a piece of history is gone.  We have lived here for sixteen years now.  For the majority of those years there's been a basketball goal of some sort in this spot.  It's been a subject of irritation sometimes.  You always had to remember it was there or you would hit it backing out of the garage.  Visitors would always have to be directed around it.  But that's not the reason I was undone.  There's been lots of shots taken on that stupid thing.

At some point, there were competitions to see who could slap the backboard.

There have also been competitions to see who could get "net".  And now???
It's lying on the ground in the back yard.
This last one was a gift from Santa one year.  It wasn't one of those on wheels.  It had a pole that had to have a hole in the ground.
Now, the hole is there but no pole.
Will it go back up once the driveway is done?  I have no idea.  I'm thinking probably not.
So today August, I don't like you.  You have brought one too many changes for me this year. And for just a sliver of a second I'm gonna stomp my foot and say I've had enough.  I'm gonna pout for just a second and then move on.

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