Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pray for those babies

These thoughts just flooded my brain, so bare with me. 
I'm a 70's baby.  That means I will be forty something in a few months.  Being a 70's baby means I'm an 80's child at heart.  I love, love, love fashion.  I'm picky with my hair.  I also love the sitcom "Friends".  I never get bored watching the reruns.  They take me back to a busy yet crazy time.  They take me back to the days when the preacher wasn't a full time preacher just yet.  The boys were little.  I guess I could call them babies.  It was nothing for me to be in the rocker on Thursday night with a new episode of "Friends" on the television, a baby in my arms & the other tucked in beside me.  Sweet times.
I'm ever so thankful that the show is still on.  Most every afternoon I change the channel just to have those familiar voices running through the house.  On one particular episode today, Rachel has come home from the hospital with the newborn Emma.  Rachel has no idea what to do with that crying baby.  She can't get her to stop crying.  She has tried everything.  Monica is the only one who can get her to stop crying.  Remember that episode?? 
Anyway, it made me think of all my mama friends. I have several friends/acquaintances who are at different levels of mothering.  There's a couple that are mothering newborns.  There are some in the midst of preschool and elementary.  There are some who are in the deep dark cave of teenagehood. There are some like me (and I expect to hear them shout AMEN).   Now I'm not going to get all sappy on you here.  I know I'm not the first mother who has ever had a child to get married.  I know I'm not the first who has ever had a child to grow up & move out.  I know I'm not the first mother to ever blog/write about such things.  But maybe I'm the first you have ever read.  Maybe I'm the first that one of my facebook friends will see/read.  So here ya go.

To you, young mother, who is rocking that newborn, hang in there.  That baby won't be a baby for long.  That baby won't always be crying.  That baby won't always want you to rock.  Sing with that baby & pray for that baby.  Time flies.

To you, young mother, who is between preschool & elementary, hang in there.  They told me once they started kindergarten time would never stand still again.  It don't.  It flies.   I promise it was just yesterday I put the oldest to bed knowing he started to school tomorrow.  That was many years ago.  There won't always be a lunch to pack.  There won't always be homework to help with.  There won't always be supper & homework & a ballgame or practice.  It will be done & gone in the blink of an eye. None the less, that is still your baby.  Pray for that baby.  

To you, young mother, that is in the depth of the cave....Lord bless your heart.  Those are some dark days aren't they?  But you hang in there.  It won't always be that dark.  Help with that homework as much as you can.  Answer those questions as best you can.  Keep your mouth shut as best you can.  Be there as much as you possibly can.  Your presence will mean more than you know. But that teenager is still your baby.  Pray for that baby.

And to you, young mother, who is in this boat with me.. Pray for that baby.  It may be that this is the first year on a college campus.  Maybe the first time away from home because they have joined a branch of the military.  Maybe they've just moved out & become a responsible adult.  Doesn't matter does it?  That is still your baby.

Bottom line is this, no matter what season you are in, whether it is the newborn or the teenager, it won't last long.  That stage will be gone tomorrow and a new one will arrive.  Just savor it.  Don't rush through it.  Take a million pictures either in your mind or on film.  Be present in every moment.  Don't make them beg for your attention.  Everything else will be there when they aren't.  Just hang in there.  They need you. 
I know there are long days and nights.  Let me encourage you to draw your strength from the Lord.  In those nights when that newborn isn't sure if it's day or night, savor that time as best you can.  As that little poem says, it may be the last night for an all nighter.  That baby may sleep through the night tomorrow night.  Get the idea?  Our babies are only little for such a little while.  Our little boys will only play in the mud for a short time.  Those little girls will only want to wear a bow for a little while.  And then one day....Pray for those babies.  If you, young mother, don't pray for them, who will?

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